Friday, 20 April 2012

My experiments

Yesterday I got some delivery from and as I never bought craft pack with everything you need to make a card in it, I did in my last order as they had some offer on it. It is pretty easy and straight forward with these packs but in this particular one the paper quality is not great.
Anyway, I never made a kids card before so this pack was perfect for giving it a Go.

The colours are not very bright,which I like, they are more modern and minimalistic. 
I tried a few different combinations here and wanted to use only the stuff from the pack.
The results are ok,but you can notice where I've used the paper cutter the paper looks not "clean". 
I think is too thin. 

Meanwhile while I was making them discovered- for myself anyway,as I am fairly new to this "business",that instead of buying at this point a Corner Chomper- which is about 25-30 pounds, I could use my paper "wave" creative scissors with the same success.
I really want to buy the Chomper but I can't justify those money for the minute-anyway.

So here is the result in pictures:

 And this are our amazing cookies we made with my husband and little "bug" and the recipes you could find on my food blog:

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Easter Creations

The weekend just gone has been great and very long indeed.Never too long though...
Was Easter and my husband had 4 days off work,which made great change in my son's and my life too.Is so nice to be 3 of us together for more then just a weekend.It does brake up the routine and is always so fun for the boys to spend more time together.
I had some time to make a few more journals and to cook some nice meals too.

So here are the fruits of my work and as usual I had fun making them, even though the "My notes" I think I could've done a bit different and a bit better too.
There is something in it that I am not too sure about but everyone else like it...It's probably me.

This one is a very small and very cute, like a notepad, for little ideas and quick recipes.
Ideal for little girls or their mums too.
I think will be a gift for my friend who had a name day recently.

This one is bigger and It's the one I wasn't sure about..

This bit I love, as whoever uses it could add some little photos to the tags in the envelope and have a secret place to put them:)

As I had some time and a good helper with the bringing up of our little monkey I spent more time in the kitchen then usual and this is what came out of it ( or small part of it)

This was my experiment with Thai food and turned out very well so I will try again.

The profiteroles are one of my favourite deserts but I always eat too much of them.
This recipe was the best one so far and I have it on my other blog,so feel free to have a quick look or may be even try it yourself.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Vintage journal

As I recently got the Bind it All machine I was so excited to start using it That's my second project with it.
After opening the Car boot season last sunday,where I got a few stamps and card toppers, I created this:

I think I am getting addicted to the Distressed inks and the Vintage look...

Inside the front cover is an envelope for little treasures...

This is the back of the journal...thought it looks more complete with some more colour

With a bookmark attached to the wire the whole journal is done!

I had a lot of fun and love the result.
I think I am getting better at this...

Monday, 2 April 2012

Little thoughts for Little notes

I've been working on a few projects last week and they ve been ready for a few days now, but the weather was so beautiful I couldn't bare the thought of staying in and taking photos and sitting on the computer for ages. And the most important thing is that I was waiting for my Bind it All machine to arrive so I can complete my adventure.

The Machine is great and is so fun to work with, not too complicated and does amazing job.

These are my first attempts with it and The Crop A Dile Big Bite. I am pretty happy with the results.

Both of the books are sold already, which makes me smile and want to do more.

PS: I so love online shopping though.

Its great when you have a child and going and searching for craft stuff is hard and almost impossible.

E-bay, calico ,, handy hippo., and so on are great places to find little wonders.
But car boot sales are still my favourite place for treasure hunting.

This is my last founds
(All these are in the box.£2)

It can't be done on-line.:))

You can read a bit more about my non-secret obsession on my other blog:

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