Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Why not write down your favourite recipes

Finally I managed to finish my new project.
It doesn't take too long normally but Juggling everything in the house and combine it with the hobbies, it happen to be much harder then I thought it would be.
Anyway, now it's ready and it's waiting for its new owner.
I hope whoever buys it will enjoy it as much I loved creating it.

These bookmarks are made for a few friends who love to read.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Happy Mother's day

Monday - Another Very Early Morning for me.

Every day is almost the same, but that's the pleasure to have an early birdie at home. The little sweetheart wakes up around 6 o'clock so my days are looong and fun.
I ve never been a good sleeper anyway but 6 o'clock is a bit too early. Even after 3 years, I still find it not too easy to get up. Hopefully when he is 16 I'll be able to have a bit of lay down and sometimes a lazy morning at least in the weekend.
But waking up at that time gives me more energy and time to enjoy the sun( when it wins the fight with the clouds though) and to make plans for the day.
Yesterday was Mother's day in UK and I got the very lovely Flowers from a friend of mine. I had to take a photo of them as they are absolutely gorgeous and made my day full with joy and colour.

My husband sent me a special delivery bouquet for the Bulgarian Mother's day( 8th March) and as I did't expected it had a few tears in my eyes..I know, a bit pathetic but that's me...

And I got the best greeting card from my son and a lovely relaxing present. (Thanks mum!)

It was a very Spring day anyway and everyone seamed to enjoy themselves more then usual and the smiles on the faces were genuine and real.
I just love the sun and really miss it in the winter.
Absolutely hate the cold, the snow and the period between October and March.
Now I am happier, calmer, more energetic and have the will to do more.
The stupid laziness is almost gone.
Will see how creative I will be this week...
Have a lovely week and enjoy every minute!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Another one

Here I come again on the scene of the "n" number of my blogs.
I ve started my melonandpear blog but I mixed up some mail stuff and decided to start all over again.
And I didn't have any followers anyway so not a big deal.
I think this one will be just for the "creations" I do and a bit about myself, the things I Like,Love,Dream.

As this is the first post I will dedicate it to my day today.
Not that it was a very special day, but it was fairly crafty, calm and sunny.

It started with a flower delivery - cutting the long story short - I got beautiful flowers from my husband 3 days ago and they died, so I had to e-mail Interflora and let them know. Their customer service was amazing-have to admit, and they sent me a very beautiful and FRESH bouquet today to replace it.
It wasn't with the same flowers as the one my lovely man choose but still was great start for the day.( I normally would not moan and complain but please, in 3 days..)


As it happens very often, my beloved husband had to go away from work for a few days, so I was left with my son and myself.
To be honest, I really don't like it when I am on my own, and even after all these years I can't get to sleep very easily. I do keep the light on- I know...but that's me.
Anyway. At least my child is not like me..he is fast asleep now and I have some time for myself, which I am spending typing those lines.
So, my day was very "sweet".
My lovely child was calm and behaving absolutely brilliant ( not very often I have that pleasure.He is only 2 and a half though. Terrible 2s. Yep.)
And he had 3 hours and A HALF midday nap!!!
So I had the chance to try my new goods I got today.
Some new papers,stamps,inks and Crop-A-Dile Big Bite.
I absolutely love getting delivery though.
Even if its only Sainsbury's.
So here is the fruit of today's work:

I didn't do just these two but I haven't edited the rest so soon it will be, but I did this pencil pot yesterday and really like the way it is now...from a peach compote tin..

And as it was recently 8th of March- which is Mother's day in Bulgaria ( its international Lady's day anyway, but in the UK it's not celebrated) I give these to you

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