Friday, 8 June 2012

Red Riding Hood or just a girl

Red bags and shoes.
Red nail varnish too.

Red  could be a statement or just a bright spot in a dull moment or.
In a rainy day makes everything a bit more Happier.
Splash of colour.
Red with dots.
Red in stripes.

Red earrings.
Red scarfs.
Red socks.
I love it!

It was a real pleasure to make this tote bag.

Have a lovely, colourful weekend!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Sunshine in my dreams

It's warm,but not hot.
It's sunny,but cloudy.
It's fun, but not enough.
So to make it enough spring - summer like, warmer and more exciting, the sewing machine came as helping hand and here I am, feeling better and enjoying the muggy weather accompanied by a wide smile on my face.

Still not nailed the technical side of sewing and using all the extras my "new friend" has, I am  happy with the result.

Makes me think of sea, holiday, beach or even just a walk to the pier and back. 
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