Monday, 21 May 2012

Sewing season is open

Here I am,after a fairly long break.
Finally I decided to try my new( now,old) sewing machine,which I got as a birthday present from my husband and mum LAST YEAR!
It's been almost a year and it was still in the box,just opened to check if everything was there and that's all.
I am a bit embarrassed by that, but I have been trying to find time to jiggle everything around - being a full time mum and wife,plus all the hobbies, and working from home too. 
So I don't feel to guilty but I am happy now that I found some time at the end ( I had to,as the guaranty of the machine soon will expire and I had to see if it actually work,huh!)

The last time I touched a sewing machine was may be back in 2002...
Or 2000!?
May be that's when it was,when I finish my fashion design education and I had to make my final exam and prepare a small collection and present in a catwalk!
Time flies by...
I am not too sure but it has been a while.

Well,anyway, here I am again.
I never used to like sewing though. I used to do it as I had to, but now the situation is different and actually after I opened the box and set the "monster"- that's how I used to call it, I am absolutely in love with it.
And I do have more patience too.
I never used to.
Have I changed that much?!

I started with a pair of cushion covers, as it was the second main reason to open the machine.(the first was-the expiry date)
And that was the start.
Now I have millions ideas for little projects and ...not enough time in the day!
But I will try to fit it in between the rest of my hobbies - cooking,paper crafts, painting,....and so on and so on...and being a parent,house and love keeper:)

So here are the results of my weekend 'love affair'.

This little fella I made for a birthday present for my son's girl friend ...

And this was a little bit.
The recipe could be found on my food blog-

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Little sunny dream

As the weather has been the same for the last few days even a week ( rainy dull and grey) I have been thinking about sun,vacations and green dry grass.
I have always been in love with camper vans and always wanted to have one since I was may be 6-7.
One of my uncles went traveling and working abroad when I was that young and he came back with a caravan!
I absolutely fell in love with it.
We used to play in it as it was parked in his garden.I was our little house- it was 5 of us.Had little tera parties and pretended cakes were cooked there.
After that we used to play cards and listen to music...still having snacks that his mum used to prepare for us.
Since then It is my little affair and I still hope that one day we will have one. Will travel on a little trips and will have weekends away,somewhere near a river or lake, I will prepare my early morning coffee and have it in front of it, watching the sun rise!
But one day might come to reality. It would be like a fairytale. So cute!
Being on this "wave" today I found some absolutely jewels.

(As I forgot to keep note of all the websites and blogs I found the images from,  I am really sorry about it and if I've used some of your photos,please contact me and I will link them or delete.) 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Shop till you Drop

I always have been attached to the shop fronts and as they are the Face of the Shop,have always been one of the most important part of any kind of shop - craft,clothes,hair or beauty.Any.
I have been checking a few images on the net and here is what I found:

I know,  rather funny!

Yep,there are shops like that still:)

One of my favourite shop fronts. Don't like the shop much though!

                                                                     Fun and colourful

Think it could be sweet addition to any shop window, don't you?!


Great combinations of colours and calming feel to it!

This is a waiting area  and a shop window too. How cool!

Cafe,Art and live performances in one!Great!
( Coffee and Art goes together. I don't know many artists that don't like coffee)

Will never miss to notice a red painted shop of any kind.
Love Red!

And this one is very unusual, fun and stylish.

( I should go through my own photos too as I am sure I will find some forgotten "treasures".)

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