Sunday, 6 October 2013

Hi again. 

We had my mother in low for a month to give us a hand with the school start. I started a new job and my husband too. So september was month full with new challenges and changes. Don't get me wrong though. I enjoy it and our family loves changes. I am posting some images from this autumn visits and food experiements. I have to say that I had to jump on the first available flight to Bulgaria. Family emergency.  When you live far away you do get the bad news over the phone. Everything is ok though. That's the most important thing. 

Very easy and delicious vegetarian option. 
Chop 1 onion and steam fry till soft. Add 1 can tomatos-chopped. Salt. Pepper. Cinnamon. Add fresh chopped garlic. 
Cut 2 aubergines into circles and arrange a layer.  Sprincle fetta cheese and add some of the tomato mix. Then layer of the aubergines... Finish with some fresh tomatoes and top up with olive oil. Put the lid and bake till ready. It does take a few hours in those kind of pots though.


This one is my mum's creation for my husband's birthday. It was divine. She is amazing cook...that's where I get it I suppose. Haha.

I made this as an option for my mother in low as she is vegetarian. Its a pie with courgettes mushrooms brie and the usual eggs and cream.

...and we did go for walks after all this food:):)


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